Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nursery Creative Inspirations....thus far :)

So with less than 3 months before the baby is due, I have been on the move to create the babys room. I want it to be fun, colorful, whimsical,different, ATypical.....and feel like its also a part of us. Our home is bohemian yet chic. I want her room to feel the same? So here are some of  the pictures I have picked out that make me happy.
I love this one because these are fun.... I could see a group of these somewhere in her room :)


 I love these mobiles....great for the brain and also interesting....see this baby already looks freaked out. LOL
I love the strips on the ceiling and the wall of books.....not a wall of stuffed animals or toys. But, actually books....This is the chair that I want and I love the funky footstool. Loads of color ....with a splash of fun. Oh, and the "LOVE" pillow is a must!

This looks like my hosue, airy ,light , clean and bright. I love the turquise bedding and the yellow . I also want this sign for her room.

The Girafe Lamp.....I heart this :)

I love the turquise polka dot rug and the pillow on the chair......

This is sooooooo my style....I am digging this quilt big time and of course how light and airy it is. simple and clean....with pops of color.

Antique napkin banners....hung with cute little clothes pins....oh my ! I just swooned a little. I love these old monogram napkins and sweet.

what can I say.....if this had a slight modern edge to it, I would gobble it up. Love the blue peeking through from the back room, chandlier and the framed mirror. Oh, cant forget  the stipped chair...

 Its cool, fun and it lends itself to my bohemian, modern, beachy, chic style I sport here in Puerto Rico !

This is fun and its all me. I want to bring the feel of all of this into her room.....So, we will take you on the journey of her room....from Begining to end.....Hope you love it too !!

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