Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer time and the living is easy.....

I just love St. Louis in the summer time. I am not sure who is familiar with St. Louis or if you have ever been to this funky little state but it truley has a soul.
Its gorgeous and green lots of river and lakes if your into the outdoors and if your more of a city kind of person. Then you have downtown loaded with cute shops,bars amazing resturants with great architecture cobblestones streets and all. I love coming to town to visit my family, we have fish frys, go boating, music and movies in the park. I have been here for 2 weeks and have such a great time soaking in family and this new baby.

I went with my brother and my Mom to the " Gypsie Caravan Festival", where there are  loads of  antique venders and others selling their goodies of wonder and delight. It was about 90 degrees and it was packed to the gills. But, we found parking and headed for the sales !

But, the first stop was food. We were all starving and we couldnt resist all the yummy street venders.

I opted for the low carb chicken on a stick in which is a very popluar in Puerto Rico and an Arnold Palmer.

My brother who can handle the calories and the sugar got a rootbeer float and a blooming onion :). Mom saw this man with potato and followed her tastebuds to that stand.

Then we headed to shop till we dropped...in which I almost did because between the hills, the heat and the people. It was like being in a costco on a saturday before christmas. Nuts.

Mom found a cute old time chair for the baby !!

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