Saturday, April 2, 2011

14 Week Update

How Far Along Week : 14 weeks

Maternity Clothes: Yeah, i am still in my regular clothes
Symptoms: Morning sickness is gone but I have heartburn, headaches, juicy slobbery mouth and insomnia....Saaaweeet! 

Sleep: Because of the stressful week I had , I am now going to bed early and getting up early. But, I have to force myself to bed, or shall I say Papa forces me to bed. We turn off the TV, no computer, light a relaxation candle and both hit the sack. We talk of life, baby issues, family and friends....I love these moments with him. I adore them.
Best Moment of the Week: Only going to one Dr. apt this week…and of course seeing that Baby Montgomery is still doing great.

Movement: Mover and a shaker, I do feel flutters in my belly...

Food cravings: fresh fruit, campbells soup, ravoli and all things that are very plain. plain chicken, plain potatoes (no butter or cream) plain steamed veggies....I went from beign the queen of spice to the a wallflower in the kitchen.
What I Miss: sushi, deli sandwichs, hotdogs and martini's

What I'm Looking Forward To: getting our CVS results back.

Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy even if at times it makes you completely miserable…Be thankful that you are luck enough to have this miracle inside of you.

Milestones: Making it one week further along

Emotions: I am in worry mode, worrying about every little thing that I cant control. I am also super sentimental, hugging and loving all over my husband, family and friends.

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