Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sympathy Pregnancy....and the Boppy Pillow Story.

When we were home for Christmas my cousin Chris bought his wife Melissa  who is also pregnant this Boppy body pillow, she wasnt that happy over it but now she swears that its one of the best gifts she has gotten from Chris, in regard to the baby. He is a great husband like mine , thinking ahead when we cant and getting us girls the neccessities for our pregnancy.

Mike of course, followed in Chris's footsteps and had to get me one also.  I love it and when I am able to use it  ...I truely do sleep so well with it.

Here is a picture of what it looks like Boppy Body Pillow

I thought I would show you how much I have gotten to use it since he bought it for me a couple weeks ago.

So Happy that I got the famous Boppy Pillow , one day I will get to use it ! LOL....


  1. These photos made me laugh so hard....the baby pillow seems to put someone to sleep like a baby...Big smiles and lots of laughter