Thursday, April 21, 2011

Its Official I am NUTS !!

Thought I would give you an update on me and the baby.

Baby is great!       I am officially CRAZY!        Call in the strait jackets and come and get me!

Because this is what I do lately…..

·         I forget things.
·         I remember things I should forget.
·         I tell my husband to slice up all the computers for dinner, instead of saying eggplants… (Yeah... because those two words are soooo similar)!! NOT
·         I tip over and sway for no reason at all.
·         I drop and break things…often.
·         I panic and cry over many really weird things.
·         I worry and have bad dreams about hail, tornados and the world coming to an end.
·         I think about getting more unattractive every day.
·         I spend at least 15-30 mins a day investigating the blotchy discoloration brown spots, my resent chest/face acne, and strange new hairs all over my body.
·         I accuse my husband of plotting against me.
·         I worry that I will never be myself again.
·         I start something and don’t finish it….at least 4 times a day.
·         I ignore my household chores, and then complain I am too busy.
·         I feel insecure and overwhelmed by all the things I have ignored.
·         I weigh myself every day, and freak out with each new pound.
·         I think my husband’s laugh at times sounds slightly like Satan’s, and yes, I would know what Satan’s laugh sounds like!
·         I cry about being completely dependent on my husband and needing him too much.
·         I worry he will leave me once I am huge and vulnerable.
·         I think I have become the most intolerable person ever, and would understand if he did leave me, then I cry harder.

So ladies….tell me. Am I certifiably crazy…and yes, I already know that I was crazy, but I am bringing this sh*t to a whole new level.


  1. Not to worrry:}
    sounds easy said then done, we all have had those feeling when we are having a baby , this is a time not to worry, and Mike would not leave you and most likely, be there to help you go through all of these ups and downs, as the baby is using your smarts to make her smart, not to worry, it all comes back even clear then before, trust in God and have faith this is part of the jounery, have fun with it, make it a game, as you like to win, so fool those thoughts...and place God around them, they won't win, you and Mike and the baby will....

    I love you and this is the dream you have wanted so long and this is what happens when you get your wish, everything will be back to normal somewhat , after the baby arrives, your body does change but for the good not bad, and the baby will keep you so busy the extra pounds will fall off you....your face will clear up, if you are having dark places remember to wash your hands after useing limes or lemons as the oil from them causes dark spots as well as certain if they are in funny places then you have lime oil in thse places...

    this all is a happy time, and enjoy it, just incase this is your last pregancey, you want to remember the good things, you are not alone and every women goes through some of these one time or another during the nine months...I know you are full of love and joy over this baby, so just keep these things under you belt and know the changes will get better, every day....