Saturday, April 2, 2011

Countdown clock

Lately I feel like I am in a countdown, my little house thats been on the market finally sold, and as much as I needed it too and wanted it to. I still mourn it. Its a change and change that I may or may not want to make but need to make. sigh.

lately, thats what I do lately, I make room for changes. Changes in me, changes in my body, changes in my relationships, changes in my thinking. changes changes changes.

I wonder how when I watch the news and here about parents leaving their children in the dumpster or when I see the actions of some parents, I think "how"? . I am so already in love with this baby inside me that I could never imagine treating her badly. Ignoring her.

You begin to see the difference between people who are mothers and those who are not. If you are a mother there are things you would just never do to a child, especially your own. I know this sounds judgemental, its not meant to be its just that I have changed inside forever.

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