Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Never say Never.

Hi friends and family,

Those who know me well, know that I dont have a sweet tooth in my body. I am just not a sweet eater, never have been. I also attribute the fact I have never had a cavity to this also. I will have the occasionaly piece of cheesecake or rice krisipie treat, but for me to sit down with a bag of cookies....Well, it just doesnt happen. Now, lets talk savory for a minute. Now we are walking down my alley. I love all potatoe chips, olives, pickles, chips and salsa, nuts, sunflower seeds....If its coated in salt, you are speaking my language.

If I had to choose chocolate cake or fried chicken....well the chicken would win everytime.Thats just how I roll.
But, recently there is has been a change. BIG change.LOL

I am watching a TV show, Bobby Flays, "Throwdown" the other night and it was on the best carrotcake. He interviewed and competed with this woman on how to make the most moist and delicious carrot cake ever.
 Well, I come from a long line of carrot cake makers and bakers in general My grandmother makes carrot cake, my stepmother makes carrot cake, and over 20 different kinds of cookies every christmas. I dont think I have ever eaten a slice of this cake, maybe an obligatory bite here and there but cake is not by thing. Its never been my thing. Ever.

 Now my cousin Melissa loves it, my husband begs for it and I well, I ignore it. Well, during this show my mouth started watering so bad that I actually began to change out of my pj's and put on normal clothes so I could head to the grocery store to pick up supplies to BAKE this cake. Yes, my dears, I said Bake !

I have developed a sweet tooth, I look at deserts  online, I admire and watch the cake competitions, baking shows and now I  watch ridicoulous shows like " Cupcake wars".  I used to talk smack about this kind of shows, I labeled them as grotesque and wasteful.
What the heck is happening to me? Will I ever go back to being my salt loving self?

Here are my latest cooking admirations:

looks like a real rose


little flower pot cupcakes. precious!

pea in a pod.

just cuz its easter.

so pretty.

cookies on a stick, and its a sea creature. SOLD !

did someone say Ding Dongs...

I want the lady who made these to be my mom.

flowers/cupcakes....geez cute

I think this is what I will need for the baby shower.

I didnt know that you can have cupcake stands like this. so cute.

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  1. I love those Ding Dong cupcakes! I am not a sweet-eater either, but LOVE cupcakes! Hope you and baby are feeling well.