Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My baby Daddy comes home !

We dropped Kyle off at the San juan airport yesterday and picked up Pappa 2 hours later. Mike and I got a hotel in San Juan and had a very romantic dinner in Old San Juan. We went to a Spanish resturant  and had some amazing tapas for appetizers and then paella. It was terrific. But, before we went to that resturant we were rejected at a resturant called Marmalade. We had to laugh because we went in with no reservations and were rejected. Mike thinks we were looking to "Gringo-ish" ...I dont know, but the resturant was empty and they turned us away. It was very fancy and we were in flipflops...LOL  so that could be the reason :)

But, we went else where and didnt have a care in the world we hadnt seen each other in 10 days and I missed him more than you know. I could tell he missed me too. Lots of little gifts he got me and the baby....we were missed too. sniff sniff. Its nice to be loved !

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