Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More than Family, better than a friend, my Melissa !

Some people are blessed with a sister, I unfortunantly wasn't but what I was blessed with is an unbelievable cousin, her name is Melissa. She has one of the most amazing personalities of anyone I have ever met, not only is she hilarious , she has one of the biggest hearts in the world. Althoough, we have been known to even fight like sisters, you will never meet two people closer. She and I speak everyday, she has been my rock  from the start of this pregnancy. I feel in life I have always been there to guide her, and now my sweet baby cousin who is due in 7 weeks with her own baby is guiding me,  and I couldnt be more willing to listen to her, through every cramp and unknown question she has been there to help me through it. melissa has always been gifted with children, she has a way with kids and they all LOVE her. That is why I am so happy she was first on this  because i know this time I will learn from her. LOL...
This  last  week we received a sweet little package for her and Chris (her husband) but I didnt want to open it until Mike returned home. So, today we opened it and it was such a nice surprise !

Thank you sweet sister....baby and I love you so much...

Fat Free Brownies,
who else in the world besides a great woman of the sisterhood would know this is just what I have been missing in my little world here in Puerto Rico.....

Melissa went to her doctor and got another "Welcome Baby Kit " that her doctor gave her and sent it to me....This was amazine...we just dont get htis kind of stuff here in Puerto Rico....Lots of great information, websites and helpful information.....isnt she the sweetest, most thoughtful girl ever !

Our party days our over.....and we are now in Family Mode....but we are gonna be the funnest Family EVER!!!!!  We promised each other years ago that our kids will grow up together and we will raise them loving each other and to be super close. I am so happy my baby is gonna have a big cousin that will be able to teach them everything.


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