Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gifts from Papas Trip

My man loves my cooking. Probably because he rarely gets the same thing twice, its always different and I am always trying new things. I guess he wants our baby to also have that experience. So...lots of new things to learn on this adventure. 

For all my Family, look at the name of this Brand...Beaba....Mike said he  bought it because it had the name "Beaba", for all of those people who dont know my nickname my grandfather gave me is "Beaba" or "Bebahski"...and most of my close family members on my fathers side call me that. So, I thought it was extra special that not only did my husband think about that when he saw this , he actually picked this one because of it. Then later pointed it out when he gave it to me.....

I got this one because organization gets my hubby excited. Literally ! Nothing like a super clean and organzied closet for a little four play. LOL

love him.

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