Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Last 6 Months

I have been swimming lately not only in the ocean but swimming in my melancholy and nostalgia of my babyfree marriage. I have had waves of emotions,mostly feeling warm and extra lovey towards my husband who has been gone a good majority of this past month and pondering how these are our last days together,our last months of it just being him and I. Do you know how much I enjoy our time together, our quiet dinners, our sillyness and playfulness,our date nights where we grab sushi togo and eat it with the back hatch up on the SUV parked at the beach watching the waves come in and out! ~sigh~~ Our days of waking up slow and just hanging out  in bed talking , sharing, snuggling... till both of us want to get up.  I have enjoyed him, I love him and I will miss our little party of two. We are not just husband and wife, we are friends...buddies, we like to hang together, we party together, we like to do absolutly  nothing together and we somehow have fun. But, we are also super balanced with life, work , family and friends. We love creating traditions of family gatherings, celebrating others big moments and milestones.

I am so happy we have had these last 6 years to get to this place we are now, we have traveled so many amazing places, we have truly lived and when we married I had my own home, he had his. I was at the peak of my career and so was he. We knew who we were when we got married; of course i wish I would of found him a wee bit earlier but everything comes in just when its supposed to. I was ready and he was ready to marry, after being divorced for 10 years, I asked him this morning, when did he know that I was the one, and he responded the moment I met you . I remember him once telling me that when I had been designing his house, he walked me out to my car and he said there was a moment that he just felt like he wanted to kiss me. I hope I always give him that spark, I hope that he always loves me as he does right now.

When we were driving today, I couldn’t help but reach to him and thank him for loving me. I thanked him for picking me and I thank him for loving me even when I can’t love myself. He is truly my love and as we embark on this huge milestone in our lives, both knowing it’s going to change everything, we can say with 100% clarity, that this baby is planned, wanted, needed and has been tenderly thought of for many years. I don’t know if I will miss these quiet precious moments of our last months  of "before baby life". But, I did want to write about them, be nostalgic about them, and love on them while I still have them now.I will hug all over him and love on my hubby as much as I can for these next 6 months, so he knows how much I love him, adore him and apperciate him.

Please don't doubt for one single second, that we LOVE you "baby to be", we can’t wait for you to come, but while we are waiting for you, every day will be a honeymoon.

Here is a short video of our fun times of "Life Before Baby.....LBB"

ps. this video has music so you will need to turn off music either at the bottom of blog  or just hit the little speaker button next to the play button on video , either way :)..otherwise two songs...a little crazy making :)

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