Friday, March 4, 2011

~Big Sisters Are Cool~

Today was a day of lots of gifts, we got many packages today but one of the most special ones was from Mikes  first born daughter Kevyn. She is 24 and is  living in Phoenix with her boyfriend Shane , working full time and going to school full time. Whew~  For all of us who did that we all know what your going through so we know how hard it is to find that extra time. But, she did ! She took the time to pick out these cute gifts and mail them.  Thats always the hardest part from me is to actually get them in the mail. We got the softest blanket in the world, its so cute . Its green,yellow ,pink,blue and white. Very unisex :)

But, my favorite was the bib that says " I love my Big Sister "...and its PINK ! Does that mean Kevyn you think we are having a girl too :) I love the onesies also and the fact you did boy and girl !! You rock ! Did anyone ever tell you that ? you are a good gift giver, truley you really are. I have always thought that about you, you really seem to know just what to get people.  I think you must get that from your Dad because he is also pretty darn good at it too.

I think Dads favorite was of course the shirt you got for him. That said "Arizona Dad", he put it on right away !!

Thank You, Thank You, and Thank you....

nice face babe....

Baby received so many cute things from Big Sister that I know he/she will love. Thank you Kevyn for your thoughtfulness ...We love you !


  1. Oh my...this is so exciting! I am soooo happy for you guys!!! Congrats, hugs, and kisses!

  2. WOW!!!! This is sooo exciting! I am very happy for you guys! Hugs, love, and kisses!!!

  3. SUPER CUTE! glad you guys like the gifts, that was very sweet to write. figured, either boy or girl you will have a little onesie or maybe youll need both :) who knows yet?! take care.

  4. Love all those beautiful gifts from Kevyn, she will be a great sister and look forward to celebrating with all of being a family.
    Just wanted to send you both a another beautiful day filled with hope, love and peace in your hearts.