Friday, February 11, 2011

The day we recieved more than HOPE

This was an amazing day for both Mike and I. I had a rough week, I was assulted in the parking lot where I walk the track at and that night I started crampping so bad that we did emegency visit to the doctor in San Juan the next day. It was scary, would the doctor tell me I am lossing this mind was racing. But, by the end of that day we had more than hope because we had a heartbeat. It is a 2 hour drive to San Juan, and a 2 hour wait then back on the road for another 2 hour drive. When we pulled up to our little home we were emotionally  and physically exhausted. But, guess what we had waiting for us in our mailbox.  We had
 " HOPE" pillow and a lovely little card hanging sweetly out of our mailbox.  That says have "faith in all things unseen".

We were both amazed, this person first of all had no idea we were even pregnant nor did they know what we had been through that day or the day before

This is out amazing friend Liz Booker, she is the one holding her sweet little daughter "Peach " in the book club photos. She too knows the struggles of knowing you were meant to be a Mommie yet having to go about it another way. She has two amazing daughters, both adopted but both hers. When I say hers, I mean these children were meant to be with her and her husband. I love her for her generous heart and her ability to share her story and give hope to others in moments of darkness.

Baby loves us some Liz Booker !

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