Saturday, February 5, 2011

First Appointment : Aguadilla to San Juan....or bust !

We have our first appointment to make sure that the baby is really a baby. Yep, this is always nerve racking for us who have more than one miscarriage . This appointment confirms your hopes, it also can shatter them just as quick. We leave our home in Aquadilla and head to San Juan for our first appointment with Dr. Ostalaza , recommended by our dear friend Melanie. She has deleivered two babies here on the island, we respect her very much, so if she says this doctor is good. Well, we believe her.

So, you are probably saying, its an island Elizabeth, how hard can a drive be thats measures our less than 45 miles. Well, its an island and its a 2 hour drive. Yep......but we cant get there fast enough. We are nervous and excited, we dressed up for our first appointement, almost like it was a first date. Our first date with our baby.
The hospital is great, parking was easy, and we were pleasently surprised that all was going smoothly.We couldnt find the elevator in the parking gargage and we were on the 6 th floor, we saw a door that looked like it could take us somewhere, well, we both went through it and the door shut and we were on the construction stairs.  The door locked behind us and we had a fun time in our dress clothes going down 6 flights of stairs....

So, if you havent been to a doctor in Puerto Rico, there is a procedure. You go into the office and you get a number, then your nubmer gets called and then you are put on a list, then that list is where they call you from. Its at least a 2 hour wait ....always.
2 hour drive, 2 hour wait and an hour visit. We didnt care. We were excited to be there. You would of thought we were getting paid to be there because we were having a good time. Lots of babies and preganant ladies in the room :)

In doctors office waiting for Dr. Ostalaza....Mike taking picutes.....we are hopeful.

We have a sack, we have a postive result and we now have more than HOPE !

We have a baby.

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