Sunday, February 20, 2011

Etiquette 101: Things NOT to say to a pregnant woman!

Never say  the following:

  • Are you going to be able to keep this one? ( not nice  people ! )
  • Are you sure?
  • Your boobs are HUGE (unless you are her mother or best friend)...
  • Don’t get too FAT. ( wow, thanks! okay, i will give that message to the baby :)
  • You think this one will take? ( ouch!)
  • Does Mike know?  ( Yes he better LOL !! ha ha)
  • Hmmm, okay… interesting ...So what else is going on? ( I guess the creation of life is boring to this guy ! )
  • Don’t change the subject back to yourself after 2 seconds of hearing the news J

Well, you all know I put my foot in my mouth at least once a day, so I know words dont come out the way we want them to. I totally understand ! LOL
Being pregnant is already emotional, scary, yet completely amazing. We need your love only. Any fear or concren you throw at us we have already rolled it around in our head 5 thousand times. We have super human intuitive powers right now and we can sniff bad heebee geebee's a mile away.  Postive vibes only !
A few TIPS of the day for all  “emotionally bankrupt” and people that lack basic human etiquette! This is what to say for the next time you encounter someone that is experiencing the happiest moment of their life and you are priviledged enough for them to call you.

Positive things to SAY :

·         Congratulations!
·         We are so happy for you both!
·         How are you feeling so far?
·         Have you heard a heartbeat?
·         What’s your due date?
·         We are so proud!
·         That’s exciting
·         You are in our prayers!
·         We love you !

See, now isnt that much better :)

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